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Goodbye Tyro Hello TKM

November the 19th saw me start my last Tyro final, 2 years in this great beginners' series saw me start 33 Finals at 4 different circuits winning 17 of them, I was placed 2nd or 3rd in a further 10 of those starts. In 2016 I was runner up in last year's championship and for 2017 the winner. More than that though I have many new friends, had so many laughs and learned so much. Thanks to everyone involved especially Steve Chapman and Nathan Ward. The kart is still on its original track rods, its third set of tyres and second piston which says something about driving standards, costs and reliability in Tyro. I finished 2nd on Sunday to Josh Raistrick, Josh has been fightin

Kimbolton trials

I had my first ever trip to kimbolton this weekend. Wet weather meant it was also my first trip out on wet tyres. Plenty to learn and then you find out that they're trialling a different track layout for the first two practice sessions. The new layout, circuit 3 has many more tight turns and braking points, I like it, later circuit 1 was used and would be used for Sunday's races, I like that too, it'll be interesting to see which they use next year. Wet weather tyres give much better grip the what I'm used to, by session 4 we were on slicks. Coming in from session 4 we found the rear axle had moved, wrecking the sprocket in the process, new sprocket fitted and dad was a bit concerned about t

Shenington Success

We went to Shenington leading the Shenington kart series for the Tyro class, safe in the knowledge that we didn't have to win but get some safe finishes in the heats and the final to take the championship from our nearest rival, Lucas Romanek. Heat one saw a second place finish with Lucas in first, a drop of one point bringing our lead down to 33 pts. The second heat brought another 2nd place with Alex Tuzzeo winning and Lucas in third, our lead was back up to 34 points. The third heat saw me in the lead with a couple of laps to go when disaster struck, the chain came off! A no finish with Lucas finishing second saw the gap close to 11 points, I had to be sure of finishing the final within 2


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