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Tyreing weekend

Fulbeck this weekend for the MSA weekend racing, not a championship we're involved in but we went along to keep the Tyro karting drivers company, show off the new Gillard livery on the kart which was described as a Tyro on steroids. Practice day was hot and by the middle of the day we were getting concerned about tyre wear, as we went for fun more than anything we had two sets of part worn tyres with us, the better ones were already looking poorly with blistering appearing and the outer wear indicator almost non existent on the left rear. The other set had damaged beads, I think our tyre tongs have a sharp edge on them and that's wrecked them. having lost a tyre off the rim at Rissington I w

Er, Dry and wet

A dry practice day at Kimbolton left us a bit short of speed which we think we've traced to a clogged fuel filter, so we've done away with it. Raceday proved damp to start with and sopping wet by the end. Finally off my novice plates I no longer had to start at the back of the grid, the first heat I started 12th and by the end had fought my way up to 9th, not bad. Heat 2 it was getting wetter and my worn intermediate tyres were a bit past their best for the amount of water around, stating 13th I had a good race and was battling with a pack of karts most of the way through, I made up 3 places on the last lap, two in one corner which was pretty good going, finishing 8th. Heat 3, now on new wet

Wet and Dry

Saturday practice at Rissington proved very wet so I've gained even more experience on wet tyres, not sure how much more experience I want to be honest but every bit helps. Apart from accidentally running in to the back of Morgan Kidd (sorry) during one of the sessions the day passed without a problem, apart from the rain. Sunday arrived dry and sunny, the Cotswolds looked pretty again. Heat 1 I started 21st (as a novice still at the back) and after three laps being stuck behind a slower kart and managed to get past and set about the rest of the pack. By race end I'd made it up to 11th with a fastest lap time just under half a second slower than the winner. Heat 2 I started 20th and was invo


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