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Getting there

Back to Kimbolton on the 12th and 13th of May. Looming GCSEs meant I missed the practice day on Friday so was going straight in to a two day race weekend, rounds 5 and 6 of the Kimbolton Championship the results of which when added together would determine the East Anglian Cup. Qualifying went pretty well on Saturday, I was 7th but in heat 1 I dropped a couple of places to 9th after a bit of a scrap. Heat two as we were waiting in the assembly area it started to rain so the Intermediate tyres went on, wet conditions suit me and 8 minutes later I finished 6th. For the final the rain came down more heavily so we switched to full wet tyres and had a long chat about tyre pressures for the amount

Mixed weekend

Rissington this weekend in scorching temperatures. Practice day went well enough speed in the kart to run with Super One front runners but come raceday things didn't go quite as well. Heat 1 saw a respectable 8th place (well done to Rob on his win), our fastest lap was 3.5 tenths off of the fastest so getting close. It was pretty rough in the first few laps with lots of rubbing and shoving but Jack survived it. Heat 2 was ok finishing 11th this time 6 tenths off of the fastest but it was a busy race. Heat 3 was looking to be a fun run through the pack, a new bit of fuel pipe and a carb change seems to have stopped the hesitation. But at turn 4 the kart on my inside was hit from behind and sp


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