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I'm having a short break from racing, 4 weeks! The Gillard chassis is away being painted, up to now it's been bare metal and keeping the rust at bay has been tricky. Dad found some tired and gritty rear axle bearings when he stripped the chassis down, which will be replaced when it's put back together, must be a tenth of a second a lap there :-) . The engine that seized at Rissy is having a rebuild, the big end bearing collapsed and the piston hit the head, all a bit expensive but should be back with us soon. We'll be at Rissington on the 30th June and 1st July in the club championship, the following weekend we go to Kimbolton for the next round of their club championship and the one after

First TKM win!

It's been a good weekend, up to a point. Saturday practice was spent mostly fiddling with tyre pressures to suit the very smooth surface at Rissington. The evening was barbecue and a kick around with the football with Rob Sims plus a bit of GCSE revision, while playing catch. Sunday I was to start heat 1 on pole, I faced a tough challenge from behind and eventually finished 3rd. Heat 2 I started from 8th, I'd got my way up to 4th by the last lap and 3 corners from the end was up to third, not a bad place to finish but in the last corner the two in front having their own scrap left the inside line open just enough for me to nip through and take the win! Happy with that! Heat three starting 5t


Toddington, UK

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