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Senior moment

Last weekend I went to Fulbeck to take part in the last round of the sprint series there. I met up with all the current Tyro drivers there, the series I won the championship in last year and took the opportunity to race for the first time in Senior TKM the class I have to move in to next year as I'm now too old to be a junior. The class is now more properly known as TKM Extreme, it's exactly the same kit except the engine is enlarged to 115cc and the weight limits/restrictors change to allow heavier drivers to be competitive. Practice day I found that the increased weight of the chassis made it a little less nimble and I didn't really notice the power increase though the engine is very fresh

Kimbolton Nov 18

Having missed practice day as dad was unwell we arrived at Kimbolton on the Sunday just about as the rain stopped. A quick bit of kart prep before sign on and scrutineering and we were ready to go. Just the tricky choice of tyre type to make for the damp but drying conditions. Come heat 1 which followed the two minutes' silence at 11am the track had some dry patches; I was drawn to start 25th on the grid and very nearly gambled on slick tyres but in the end went for some very worn wets. It wasn't a bad choice. I managed to make my way up to 10th place come the end but the last couple of laps the tyres had definitely given up. The track was dry by heat 2 and I was starting 2nd. Off the start


Toddington, UK

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