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An interesting weekend

A huge 41 TKM Extreme kart grid for this weekend's club meeting at Kimbolton meany a good chance to measure our competitiveness in our new class, a few Super One champions were in the group. Practice day was dry but unfortunately our engine had its starter ring gear break up in the second session and with our other engine still being converted we were a bit stuck. Alan Swain came to the rescue with his spare engine and with that in place we carried on. We ran both gold and blue restrictors with their different weight limits to check performance but something wasn't right. A check of the exhaust flex showed it had part collapsed which wouldn't help but come the last session we were up to spee

What is Marley?

My blog often references our dog, Marley. He's only been to one kart race meeting at Shenington which he enjoyed greatly. Us? Less so. Here's a few details of his specification. Chassis: Unidentified, predominantly Collie and Pomeranian parts with some other random bits too. Powerplant: Unknown but likes more than two strokes. Fuel: runs on almost anything but do not add oil! Emissions: Poor to very poor depending on fuel quality. Handling: Handles like a dog, very tail happy. Acceleration: Nought to sausage in 0.3 secs. Competition History: First to the letterbox, first to the kitchen. Last to the bath. Other commments: Drop down nose fitted. Prone to loading other dogs.


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