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A good weekend.

I've finally gained enough weight to run the kart unrestricted, this means I now have performance at the same place as the others on track (if that makes sense), to do so though requires a lot of ballast on the kart, it's weighing in at around 95 kilos, this should make it easier for me to race with them. Practice day went well apart from dad burning his fingers on the exhaust manifold which meant 30 minutes of running them under a cold tap and lots of complaining. Race day started wet but not very wet which meant a tricky decision on set up and tyre pressures, in the three lap practice I was going well but managed to go off on the grass, which isn't really the idea, the three laps are reall

Freya'd nerves

March the 2nd and 3rd saw us return to Little Rissington for the first time in 6 months to compete in the first round of the club championship there. Saturday was a bright and breezy day weather wise and we seemed to have very good pace on a set of old tyres however the weather was set to change for the Sunday. Storm Freya saw rain and high winds arrive overnight with our little caravan swaying in the wind and the awning rattling and creaking all night. Sunday morning I qualified 12th out of 32 karts and all looked good with the set up. Heat 1 I dropped a few places off the start and having made them up again was shoved on to the grass at the kink in the back straight losing a few again fini


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