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It's meant to be difficult. British Kart Championships PFI

We arrived at the circuit on Friday afternoon and were assigned a couple of pitbays large enough to park a truck and set up a awning big enough to run 10 karts out of, and it had electricity and wi-fi! Things were definitely going to be different. We signed on that day and picked up our wet and dry tyres for the weekend and the control fuel. Saturday morning dawned wet and blowing a gale, horrible conditions to work on a kart in as the awning is constantly flapping and things are being blown away or over, dad did a fair bit of sweaing. After the drivers briefing in the posh race centre which will travel around the country to each venue we had a number of practice sessions. These were held in

Kimbolton Round 4

A good day Saturday practicing, we missed two sessions due to the weather but found our pace was pretty good. We did have concerns about the clutch which was starting to smell like it was overheating but didn't want to revert to the spare engine unless we had to. The aim by the end of the weekend was to have two engines in the best of health ready for the start of National Championships in a fortnight's time. Now in British summertime we're back to having three heats and a final at a race meeting, For heat one I was drawn to start 20th, I had a pretty awful start and whichever way I tried to pass it turned out I'd gone the wrong way. I'd made my way to 17th by the end but with a nosecone pen

A new circuit

At the end of April I take part in the first round of the National Championships at PFI in Lincolnshire. My only experience of driving there is in the corporate hire karts so we entered a round of their winter series for a bit of experience in a proper 2 stroke race kart. Saturday practice was spent learning the way round and shaking down the new chassis, only one bolt went missing on track so not too bad (it was the same one we lost on the original chassis when we shook that down funnily enough) Qualifying on Saturday afternoon saw me 11th quickest out of the 16 runners, we were on old tyres along with about a third of the grid so there may have been a little more pace to be gained there. S


Toddington, UK

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