Shenington Success

We went to Shenington leading the Shenington kart series for the Tyro class, safe in the knowledge that we didn't have to win but get some safe finishes in the heats and the final to take the championship from our nearest rival, Lucas Romanek. Heat one saw a second place finish with Lucas in first, a drop of one point bringing our lead down to 33 pts. The second heat brought another 2nd place with Alex Tuzzeo winning and Lucas in third, our lead was back up to 34 points. The third heat saw me in the lead with a couple of laps to go when disaster struck, the chain came off! A no finish with Lucas finishing second saw the gap close to 11 points, I had to be sure of finishing the final within 2 places of Lucas to take the championship. Starting in 4th with Lucas 2nd it looked ok from there but the best way to be sure was to be in front. Lucas and I fought our way through and he led the race all the way through, his defensive lines making it impossible to pass on the last ap out of the last corner I got a run on him, he defended in the middle of the track but I got alongside on the right and won by 0.02 secs! perfect.