Goodbye Tyro Hello TKM

November the 19th saw me start my last Tyro final, 2 years in this great beginners' series saw me start 33 Finals at 4 different circuits winning 17 of them, I was placed 2nd or 3rd in a further 10 of those starts. In 2016 I was runner up in last year's championship and for 2017 the winner. More than that though I have many new friends, had so many laughs and learned so much. Thanks to everyone involved especially Steve Chapman and Nathan Ward. The kart is still on its original track rods, its third set of tyres and second piston which says something about driving standards, costs and reliability in Tyro.

I finished 2nd on Sunday to Josh Raistrick, Josh has been fighting me all year, particularly at Fulbeck for his first win and he got to the top step at last, just, I was millimetres behind him. Well done Josh and good luck next year.

The TKM went well at Fulbeck, heat 1 I lead from pole but was tagged by Rob as he spun out having been tagged himself by Scott in third place, a racing incident that left me hitting the barriers thankfully without damage. I rejoined and finished third after Rachel's unfortunate retirement. In the second heat I was third again but we went wrong on Tyre pressures, it took ages for my tyres to warm up. In the final I had a good scrap for second with Rob but lapping back markers didn't go well for me and I dropped back a little, I was gaining but ran out of laps to catch up finishing third again. I'm pleased with the performance of the kart, we were within 2 tenths of the pace and we know we have more time to come from the kart. I was swapping between two different classes too which wasn't ideal.