2018 dates

Started to think about where and when we'll be racing next year, provisionally it'll be:

Jan 13th & 14th Kimbolton

Feb 10th & 11th Kimbolton

Mar 3rd & 4th Rissington

Mar 10th & 11th Kimbolton

Apr 7th & 8th Kimbolton

Apr 21st & 22nd Fulbeck

May 5th & 6th Rissington

May 12th & 13th Kimbolton

Jun 2nd & 3rd Rissington

Jun 9th & 10th Kimbolton

Jun 30th & Jul 1st Rissington

Jul 6th & 7th Kimbolton

Jul 14th & 15th Shenington Super Prix

Aug 4th & 5th Rissington

Aug 11th & 12th Kimbolton TKM festival

Aug 31st, Sept 1st & 2nd Rissington British Midlands Championship

Sep 8th & 9th Kimbolton

Oct 13th &14th Kimbolton

Oct 27th & 28th Fulbeck

Nov 10th & 11th Kimbolton

Nov 17th & 18th Fulbeck

Dec 8th & 9th Kimbolton

We may juggle the odd date, if there's a meeting at Rissington in October we'll go there instead of Fulbeck. My GCSEs may affect what we do in early June too.