Wet and Dry

Saturday practice at Rissington proved very wet so I've gained even more experience on wet tyres, not sure how much more experience I want to be honest but every bit helps. Apart from accidentally running in to the back of Morgan Kidd (sorry) during one of the sessions the day passed without a problem, apart from the rain. Sunday arrived dry and sunny, the Cotswolds looked pretty again.

Heat 1 I started 21st (as a novice still at the back) and after three laps being stuck behind a slower kart and managed to get past and set about the rest of the pack. By race end I'd made it up to 11th with a fastest lap time just under half a second slower than the winner.

Heat 2 I started 20th and was involved in a few minor scraps through the race that was red flagged after 9 laps following an incident between Savannah Hardy and my mate Rob Sims. Unfortunately it resulted in a trip to hospital for Savannah, I hope she's fit an well soon. I was classified 12th after that one. My fastest lap was 6 tenths off of the leader's pace this time.

Heat 3 starting 21st again (out of 21 entries) another good close heat with plenty of traffic to pass finishing 11th and my fastest lap 3 and a half tenths off of the winner's one.

My heat results meant I started the final in 11th place, with Morgan Kidd beside me and Rob behind. I got a pretty good start and over the next few laps had got up to ninth place chasing Morgan through the pack, unfortunately with a couple of laps to go Morgan was hit by another kart and slewed across my path in turn 3 I had to take to the kerb and grass to avoid and we made light contact but both continued, this did allow a couple of karts past though, including Rob so I wound up finishing in 11th where I started. My fastest lap at 43.23 secs was just 17 hundredths off of the winner's fastest lap though so I'm gaining time with experience and in the heat of a good battle. Thanks to Gillard Karts and our sponsor Michael Anthony Estate Agents.

Getting in some drifting practice!

Early in the final, Morgan ahead and Rob behind.

Near the end.