Er, Dry and wet

A dry practice day at Kimbolton left us a bit short of speed which we think we've traced to a clogged fuel filter, so we've done away with it. Raceday proved damp to start with and sopping wet by the end.

Finally off my novice plates I no longer had to start at the back of the grid, the first heat I started 12th and by the end had fought my way up to 9th, not bad.

Heat 2 it was getting wetter and my worn intermediate tyres were a bit past their best for the amount of water around, stating 13th I had a good race and was battling with a pack of karts most of the way through, I made up 3 places on the last lap, two in one corner which was pretty good going, finishing 8th.

Heat 3, now on new wet tyres which we'd saved for a rainy day I started 3rd on the grid in the first couple of laps I was challenging for the lead but then started to drop back a bit as faster karts fought their way through to join in, I think we were a bit low on tyre pressures compared with others and unfortunately I lost a few places as I was dive-bombed in to the last corner knocking me wide and also knocking my nose cone off resulting in a 10 sec penalty, not the best result I was classified 12th in the end.

These results led to me starting the final in 8th place. Now with a better handle on tyre pressures I had a good first few laps making my way up to 5th, I was being challenged constantly for a few laps but then he disappeared, he'd spun off in the chicane. The second half of the final I was on my own, 100m of clear track in front and 100m behind. I gained my last place after the race when a driver in front had a 10 sec penalty imposed so I was classified 4th. Really pleased with the weekend. Thanks to Michael Anthony Estate Agents for their support and Gillard for their great chassis.