Tyreing weekend

Fulbeck this weekend for the MSA weekend racing, not a championship we're involved in but we went along to keep the Tyro karting drivers company, show off the new Gillard livery on the kart which was described as a Tyro on steroids.

Practice day was hot and by the middle of the day we were getting concerned about tyre wear, as we went for fun more than anything we had two sets of part worn tyres with us, the better ones were already looking poorly with blistering appearing and the outer wear indicator almost non existent on the left rear. The other set had damaged beads, I think our tyre tongs have a sharp edge on them and that's wrecked them. having lost a tyre off the rim at Rissington I wasn't inclined to use them but thankfully McIntyre Motorsport came to our aid lending us some tyres on Mag rims for the rest of practice and race day. Tyre wear settled down once we removed the seat stays and the Mag rims probably helped too with better control of tyre temperature. Thanks Scott and Dave!

Race day heat 1 I started from second, lead for a bit then dropped back to finish second. Heat 2 I went from 4th to first at the first corner with a long dive down the inside but again lost out to finish 2nd. Heat 3 was a good scrap starting 3rd and taking the lead briefly in a blinding move before again dropping back to second. Later when passing again for the lead into the first chicane another blinding move saw Rob Sims pass me as I passed the leader, all very exciting but again I finished 2nd. For the final I started second and this time it was a full 12 minutes plus a lap of scrapping for the lead between myself, William Orton and Rob Sims, all of us leading at some point, dropping to 3rd, back to the lead, then 2nd over and over, a great fight but at the end I was third. I had fastest lap in heat 1 and heat 3 so we know the speed was there, the final confirmed that too. Rob and I both had wrecked tyres by the end of the day but it was a lot of fun with Rob taking the win, a clean sweep.

Me with the Tyro Kart drivers

Second chicane, Fulbeck.

New Livery on the Fulbeck dummy grid