Getting there

Back to Kimbolton on the 12th and 13th of May. Looming GCSEs meant I missed the practice day on Friday so was going straight in to a two day race weekend, rounds 5 and 6 of the Kimbolton Championship the results of which when added together would determine the East Anglian Cup.

Qualifying went pretty well on Saturday, I was 7th but in heat 1 I dropped a couple of places to 9th after a bit of a scrap. Heat two as we were waiting in the assembly area it started to rain so the Intermediate tyres went on, wet conditions suit me and 8 minutes later I finished 6th. For the final the rain came down more heavily so we switched to full wet tyres and had a long chat about tyre pressures for the amount of water, by the start I was sure we'd gone the wrong way. By the end I was sure we hadn't, I finished 4th on track and was later moved up the 3rd following a penalty applied to someone in front. A good result but we generally do well in the wet.

Sunday dawned dry and sunny so we had the usual worries about the kart having too much grip. These were helped a bit when I qualified 6th fastest. Heat 1 I started six, took 5th briefly a couple of times but ultimately finished 6th. Heat 2 went the same way, it was starting to look like 6th was where we were at pace wise.

Starting the final 6th we'd changed a couple of minor things on the kart to help the grip, then went back on one of them as it seemed a bit cooler. I took 5th pretty quickly then set about 4th, managing to take 2 places in one corner I was suddenly 3rd and for a number of laps was chasing down Thomas Shaw for 2nd, I had a few goes and got in front for a while but he re-passed me in a move that took about half a lap before I finally ran out of space. I had another go in to Kimbolton corner but ran out wide on the exit and got stuck there dropping me to 5th where I finished. This may seem disappointing but honestly me and my dad were so happy with the result grinning like a pair of idiots in parc ferme. So happy with my performance and getting the kart to work in the warm dry conditions. When we later found I'd got fastest lap we started grinning all over again.

Once all the points were added up I was 4th in the East Anglian cup which wasn't too bad really. A good weekend. Time to sit some exams now.

Thanks to Gillard Karts, Michael Anthony Estate Agents, Protrain Racing for their support and Maddie and George for dog sitting.