First TKM win!

It's been a good weekend, up to a point. Saturday practice was spent mostly fiddling with tyre pressures to suit the very smooth surface at Rissington. The evening was barbecue and a kick around with the football with Rob Sims plus a bit of GCSE revision, while playing catch.

Sunday I was to start heat 1 on pole, I faced a tough challenge from behind and eventually finished 3rd. Heat 2 I started from 8th, I'd got my way up to 4th by the last lap and 3 corners from the end was up to third, not a bad place to finish but in the last corner the two in front having their own scrap left the inside line open just enough for me to nip through and take the win! Happy with that!

Heat three starting 5th but 4 laps in the engine lost power, let out a shriek like a thousand fingernails being dragged down a blackboard and stopped. Race over.

Dad fitted the spare engine, a fresh carb, fresh fuel and replaced the damaged exhaust flex (which he found when swapping the engine) in the intervening hour or so before the final and we set off from 4th place. I managed to get in the lead in the early laps but slowly my tyres went off and I came in third at the finish not far at all behind the leaders. Ignoring the big bill for the engine rebuild (which at 16 I can) it was a great weekend.

Thanks to Nanny and Grandad for looking after Marley the dog, thanks to Kirsty Sims for the fuel, Richard Raistrick for taking the Gazebo down and Steve Short for his help holding the wrecked engine still while dad took it apart. Thanks too to Michael Anthony estate agents for their continued support.

Waiting for the final

It's broken.

Well done to Josh Raistrick on his novice trophy win on his TKM debut, another successful Tyro driver.

Lastly thanks to all the volunteer officials and marshals who help these meetings run, this weekend in particular as it was very hot to be standing around all day.