Highs and Lows

Not the best weekend, was fast on Saturday, 2 tenths quicker than I'd ever gone round Rissington, the latest chassis changes were good but come Sunday it all fell apart. Started 7th in the first heat and was in 5th when another kart ran across the front of mine using my side pod and right leg as a launch ramp. The result was no more racing, a bent chassis and steering column and a swollen knee that I couldn't walk on very well.

Two days on my leg is much improved and I can race, hope to hear on the chassis tomorrow as we're due at Kimbolton on Saturday.

Such is life, it was a racing incident and I came off worse. I was probably lucky not to be more badly injured.

Thanks to Andy Harris for getting the Kart to Gillard, Tim Gillard for agreeing to look at it in a hurry, all at Tyro Karting and the Sims family for their help and Nanny and Grandad for dog sitting.

Fingers crossed on the chassis.....