Still working

After a hectic week in which the Chassis was straightened out by Gillard (really grateful for the quick turn-around), my knee improved a bit so I was more mobile and dad re-assembled the kart on Thursday night for the second time in a week we headed off to Kimbolton for the next round of the championship.

Saturday was spent ironing out a few niggles with the kart's quick assembly and generally cooking in the heat but the kart seemed to handle as well as ever thankfully.

Sunday Heat one, I was starting 20th on the grid, in to the chicane on the first lap and the three karts ahead of me got themselves a bit tangled and I ran in to the back of them, not the best but the result was a red flag and a complete restart. From 20th I managed to scrap my way through the pack to 10th place by the end. The second heat I started 20th again and the kart bogged down off the line (lots of people having engine running problems in the heat) and I dropped to last place, 29th. From there I had a busy race and got back up to 17th, not bad considering.

Heat three and I started on Pole, A bit of bogging down off the start saw me in third place at the first corner and I lost a further two places through mistakes. However there then ensued a race long scrap for 2nd to 5th places and I'm pleased to say positions 3 to 5 arrived at the first corner three abreast and I came out of it in front. A 3rd place finish.

The final I started 9th and after a fairly uneventful few laps I came in 7th at the end. It was a hot and sweaty weekend and thanks go to all the Marshals and Officials who stood around or sat in sweaty stuffy buildings so we could race. I'm really pleased with the result after last weekend.

Awaiting the restart with dad.

No grid girls in karting