Shenington Superprix

We decided to enter the Superprix as it was a big meeting and we'd be up against the best junior TKM drivers in the country in one place. We've raced against most of them before but not all in one place. I think there were 42 entries in total so we were split in to 3 groups for the heats and our starting positions decided by our qualifying times.

We practiced all day Friday and on Saturday morning. In practice 2 we were 3rd fastest. For qualifying a little slower qualifying in 8th for one heat and 7th for the other.

Our first heat on the Saturday afternoon was bit rough and at one stage I felt a shove from behind and then a feeling of weight, I looked over my shoulder to see the nose of another kart on the back of mine, he detached himself but I did the last couple of laps with the chain guard bent onto the sprocket, finishing 8th. In the second heat on the Saturday morning it was again a bit rough but with so many drivers on such similar lap times it was inevitable really. I brought the kart home 9th. The A final which I qualified for wasn't until the late afternoon so a lot of the day was spent watching the other racing, including a horrible roll for Theo Tibbits in his TKM which thankfully he seemed to come out of unharmed and a demonstration of historic karts at lunchtime including a couple of 150mph Superkarts.

The final I started from 8th, we had a couple of false starts and on the third attempt the kart in front of me bogged down holding me (and a few others) up. The lead 4 got away, a few others from behind managed to pass and a number of us were playing catch up. By the end of the first lap I was 12th as a result. The racing was much cleaner in the final and a group of 8 or so of us were swapping places between 5th and 12th throughout. I had one move into the Wilkins hairpin which I wasn't intending at the time but the kart in front braked a little early and I had to go up the inside to avoid running in to him, thankfully he didn't turn in and that was another pass done. Come the end in the sweltering heat I finished 9th.

Really happy with the result given the competition I was up against and we had a great long weekend there. Thanks to all involved in the organisation of it.

Thanks also to Nan and Grandad for Marley sitting, Michael Anthony Estate Agents, our sponsor, Gillard racing karts, CGC Karting and Protrain for their help and advice and also to Archie Strong who gave us a bit of advice at the weekend too.

Sweaty finish