Return to Rissy

Following last month's injury at Rissy we were hoping for better this month......just finishing the day would do. Saturday practice went well and by the end of the day we got down to a 42.8 s lap, the fastest we would go all weekend as it turned out.

Following a cold and wet start to the season we're now coping with preparing the kart and racing in baking hot conditions but that's the same for everyone. The two of us got through 12 litres of water this weekend.

The grid had a high quality entry as a number of drivers were treating it as a practice session for the Super 1 round at Rissington later this month.

Heat one went well, starting 11th and finishing 8th. Heat two not so well, we lost some speed possibly due to the wrong gearing but sometimes luck doesn't come your way either and an incident in front blocked me for longer than others, started 3rd and finished 10th. Heat 3 was better starting 9th and finishing 8th.

The final I managed to get past a couple of people and then had a bit of a quiet few laps with a fair gap to those in front and a largish one behind. I was slowly closing the gap to the lead group and caught them at the end of the last lap, classified 7th in the end out of 17.

All in all, much better than last month.

This weekend we're at the TKM festival at Kimbolton, the biggest meeting of the year with TKM drivers from all over the country. Let's see how that goes....

2017 Super One champion Abbi Pulling chasing me down.

Thanks to Jack's Nan and grandad for Marley sitting and to our sponsors Michael Anthony Estate Agents for their support.