Poles apart

We were at Rissington for two rounds of their club championship last weekend that, when the results are added together make the Midlands championship.

Friday practice was a bit expensive, after first practice the clutch was dragging, a quick check found a broken spring, a quick visit to Klaassen (thanks guys and gals) got it fixed. The second session was done on the spare engine and the third we swapped back to the original. Once session three was over the clutch was properly seized, this was down to once broken clutch shoe and one shoe delaminating. On went the spare engine again and it would stay on to the end of the day. Our pace wasn't great all day, this was probably a blend of the spare engine being a little tired and a set up problem chased to the rear axle width. Klaassen had the new clutch fitted by the end of the day so we'd have the fresher engine on for race days. Thanks to Klaassen for keeping the cost down and turning it round so quick, much appreciated.

Race day 1, heat 1, I was drawn on pole for the start, I was passed on the opening lap but hung on to the lead group to finish 3rd. Heat 2 I started 8th but dropped back at the start, managing to finish 7th by the end. Heat three I got in to a bit of a scrap that resulted in a dropped nosecone penalty (used as a telltale for making contact) a kart pretty much stopped in the "dog-leg" to avoid an incident and I didn't so much.

As a result I started the Saturday final in 8th and finished 7th.

Race day 2 we changed nothing on the kart but seemed to have more pace, maybe the track came to the kart, in heat 1 I started 4th and finished 3rd, heat 2 I started 11th and finished 4th (I love a run from the back) and in heat 3 I got 2nd from 9th, passing 3 karts in one corner on the last lap, Rissy is like that, if you can get a run you can hang the other drivers out to dry, it works both ways though as we'll see.

Three of us had the same number of points from the heats but my first heat result meant I was on pole position, my first Pole earned in a TKM final, no pressure.

I led off the start and managed to get a small gap as Archie Strong I think got a bit sideways in turn one helpfully holding everyone up a bit. My pace wasn't quite there and on the third lap i was a little bit wide and, being Rissy i was suddenly demoted to 7th but on the lead pack. Into the dog-leg on the next lap I was hit on the left rear by a kart which then got tangled on my rear bumper, we stayed tangled for a few metres travelling sideways down the track when we broke free, the other kart then collected two others. I got away but by now the lead pack was long gone and I drove to the finish, 7th on track but later promoted to 6th as a kart ahead got a dropped nose penalty. A trip to the Clerks office to discuss the incident after the race finished our day off.

Not the best ending but we were both really pleased with the heats and getting pole, the first final win can't be far away now, can it?

Leading from pole

Thanks to Jess Maund of Busy Bee photography for her great photos

Dad and I approaching the dummy grid.

Thanks to Nan and Grandad for dog sitting, Michael Anthony Estate Agents for their support and the continued help from Gillard Racing Karts and CGC karting. also thanks to all at Tyrokarting for the giggle.