Bet on the Gee Gees (Gillard and Godden)

Back to Kimbolton after a 5 week break from karting as unfortunately the last round at Little Rissington was cancelled due to lack of entries. For us this turned our probable 2nd in the championship there in to 4th place. More unfortunate is that a great circuit is failing to attract enough drivers.

Saturday at Kimbolton was bright and sunny, we seemed pretty quick but knowing that Sunday was going to be wet all day we stopped practice after 4 sessions and set the kart up for wet running, the first time we've ever done the full wet set up, it took about an hour.

Sunday dawned wet and got wetter through the day, any odd bright moments were followed by more rain.

3 Lap practice and the kart seemed balanced, geared a little high which we changed and the new wet tyres offered good grip where I could find it.

We started the first heat in 5th place and I quickly made my way through to the front where I stayed until the end. Really pleased with what was only my second ever heat win in TKM.

Heat 2 I was to start 15th I got a good start and a pile up in the first corner in solving 3 or 4 karts meant I made up a few places quickly, they all rejoined but some with more damage than others, another good race and I got to the front to win again!

Heat 3 was a start from 25th place, this was going to be a bit harder but by the end of the first lap I was in 12th, 9th by the second lap and 6th on the third. over the next few laps there was a scrap between me, Morgan Kidd, Jack Nicholson & James Barty, by the end I was third with Archie Strong winning and Spencer Stephenson 2nd.

We'd spent the day hoping the rain would keep up and the track stayed wet all day, we hadn't touched the kart apart from chain lube and fuel, the set up was good and we didn't want to change a thing. The rain meant we were coming in well overweight (6kg plus), we could have taken some ballast off but didn't want to disturb a thing so left well alone.

We started from Pole with Archie Strong in 2nd, Morgan Kidd third, Zak Oates 4th and Spencer Stephenson 5th. Off the start I led in to the first corner but it wasn't Archie alongside by then it was a flying Zac Oates and he took the lead, I followed closely. We pulled away from those behind, not massively but a comfortable gap, sometimes I'd be able to get alongside but couldn't make the move stick. I was also aware I wasn't fighting him for the club championship and was aware of the discussions with dad about who we had to outscore. I chased him round for 8 laps until on the final lap I got an even better run out of the first series of corners to pull fully alongside him on the left turn into the Willows, I was on the right though, not ideal to pass but he misjudged his breaking and went too deep in to the corner so I could cut behind and pull alongside and slightly ahead, we ran alongside each other for the next 3 turns until I completed the move at Dan Wheldon corner and finished the lap to win by just under half a second. My second final win ever and two in a row at Kimbolton.

Thanks go to Gillard racing karts for an excellent chassis, dad for an excellent set up (based on theory not practice) Maddie, Mark and George for dog sitting. Michael Anthony estate agents for their support. All those nice people that run the meeting and stand out in the pouring rain so we can race, especially the marshals who were sweeping standing water off the track at times. Thanks to all our many supporters who have discovered the fun of watching little yellow lines on live timing too. Thanks to the other drivers for clean racing and for the congratulatory comments. Finally Darren and Clare, whose wedding we missed to be at Kim may you have a long and happy life together.

It's not Zac on the podium picture btw.