Wheely disappointed

Whilton Mill for the Britain's Finest meeting was an experience, Friday practice we lost a seat stay bolt that resulted in a seat mount wearing a 20mm hole in the seat, this was repaired with some ally plate. Later the same day an axle bolt went walkabout too, this retains one of the other seat stays as well so I think the problems were related once the seat started to move around. Hilton is a fast and bumpy circuit. Dad was hand timing my lap speeds and I within two tenths of the fastest in the dry. Saturday heat 1 was dry, starting 9th I was seventh going in to The Boot (last turn but one) on the first lap when I was hit from behind and spun in to the pit lane. Rejoining around 30th I made my way back up to 15th by the end. Heat 2 was very wet and starting 25th on the grid I was up to 8th by lap 5, a vibration started and unfortunately the left front wheel came loose and I went off across the grass in a long left hander, I rejoined the track but had to retire. The wheel was held on by one nut that was at the end of its thread. Two of the studs had worked lose too. Heat 3 on Sunday morning was a wet track drying. We waited in the assembly area for a while deciding between whether to run intermediate or slick tyres and in the end went for intermediates, along with the rest of the grid. I set off from 15th and finished 12th. A discussion after with other drivers left us thinking we’d gone a bit low on tyre pressures so progress in part slippery conditions wasn’t as quick as usual. We've barely raced on a drying track before in TKM so it was a bit of an unknown. I was all geared up for a dry final, starting 20th with lots of work to do getting through the field, something I enjoy and hoping to get in the top ten and the message came through the meeting was cancelled following a power failure at the circuit. Bit of an anti-climax really.

Thanks to Nanny and Grandad for Marley sitting, to Gary Chapman at Protrain for offering us space in the Protrain awning this weekend (they have heating!) and for the advice, to Michael Anthony Estate Agents for their support and to Alan and Rachel Swain for dad's tea.

Also it was good to see Neil, Ben and Ashton Cox, Joe and Alex Tuzzeo and Nathan Ward all Tyro karting people.

L to R Joe, Alex, dad, me,Richard, Josh and Nathan