Kimbolton Nov 18

Having missed practice day as dad was unwell we arrived at Kimbolton on the Sunday just about as the rain stopped. A quick bit of kart prep before sign on and scrutineering and we were ready to go. Just the tricky choice of tyre type to make for the damp but drying conditions.

Come heat 1 which followed the two minutes' silence at 11am the track had some dry patches; I was drawn to start 25th on the grid and very nearly gambled on slick tyres but in the end went for some very worn wets. It wasn't a bad choice. I managed to make my way up to 10th place come the end but the last couple of laps the tyres had definitely given up.

The track was dry by heat 2 and I was starting 2nd. Off the start I was a little slow away and went in to turn 1 in 5th. I chose to go deep and take a wide entry cutting back late in the turn and came out in 2nd again chasing Jasmine Bullock down. I passed her on lap 2 to take the lead where I stayed until the end of the race. James Barty was challenging me on the last lap but I just made it.

For the final I was to start 4th. There was an incident on the first lap that caused the race to be stopped while the injured driver was seen to (he's a bit sore but well I understand). The race was restarted and it all went a bit wrong for me. I was pushed from behind at turn 2 and got very sideways, I managed to hold it thankfully as I didn't fancy the 25 odd karts behind me driving in to me but lost a lot of speed and dropped to around 12th. The rest of the final was making up lost ground and I eventually finished 8th.

While the result in the final wasn't quite what I wanted I did come away with a pretty good points score for the championship. I believe I now can't be beaten for 3rd place and stand a very good chance of 2nd. There's a tiny outside chance of winning it but I need Jack Nicholson to have an absolute disaster at the final round in December and I need to pretty much win both heats and the final.