Senior moment

Last weekend I went to Fulbeck to take part in the last round of the sprint series there. I met up with all the current Tyro drivers there, the series I won the championship in last year and took the opportunity to race for the first time in Senior TKM the class I have to move in to next year as I'm now too old to be a junior. The class is now more properly known as TKM Extreme, it's exactly the same kit except the engine is enlarged to 115cc and the weight limits/restrictors change to allow heavier drivers to be competitive. Practice day I found that the increased weight of the chassis made it a little less nimble and I didn't really notice the power increase though the engine is very fresh from rebuild and the straights are short at Fulbeck.

On the Saturday evening there was the annual Tyro Drivers and Mechanics race at PFI using their 4 stroke corporate karts, thanks this year to Neil Cox for organising it. I was determined not to let Rob beat me to the win this year. Nathan Ward had plans on winning it too. I qualified on pole by nearly a second and headed off to an early lead for a couple of laps before, as I was bored, slowing down and letting Rob past. On the following lap I decided to see from how far back I could dive-bomb Rob in to the hairpin after the bridge, it seems not as far back as I tried was the correct distance, I passed him successfully and then spun having arrived at too great a speed with the pack passing me left and right. I rejoined 7th and spent the next 10 minutes or so getting back up to Rob, He found some speed and we had a great scrap trading places and staring across at one another on the straights, on the last lap I took the lead and in an attempt to pass me that failed Rob dropped slightly back and I took the win. Such a laugh though.

Fulbeck on Sunday I won heat 1 from pole, heat 2 from 4th and then won the final from pole. This makes it sound easy but Rachel Swain was on top form and fought me all the way. My dad was also in the same race for a bit of fun using my old kart, I lapped him in the 1st heat when he finished 5th, the second heat I didn't quite lap him (he was 5th again, or last in class as it's also known) and in the final I lapped him but he managed 3rd in class. It should be pointed out that one kart in our class had problems and the other was disqualified for being underweight, his performance hadn't improved dramatically. Two Goddens in the top three though! Thanks to Rob and Leigh for looking after Marley this weekend (and Nanny and Grandad on Friday night), to Michael Anthony Estate Agents for their continued support, Gillard racing karts for their chassis and help and Alan Swain, Steve Porter and Rob Sims for helping us run two karts this weekend.