Freya'd nerves

March the 2nd and 3rd saw us return to Little Rissington for the first time in 6 months to compete in the first round of the club championship there. Saturday was a bright and breezy day weather wise and we seemed to have very good pace on a set of old tyres however the weather was set to change for the Sunday. Storm Freya saw rain and high winds arrive overnight with our little caravan swaying in the wind and the awning rattling and creaking all night.

Sunday morning I qualified 12th out of 32 karts and all looked good with the set up. Heat 1 I dropped a few places off the start and having made them up again was shoved on to the grass at the kink in the back straight losing a few again finishing 14th.

Lining up for heat 2 again in 12th place I had a blinding start getting up to 8th place by being in the right place at the right time, going through the dog leg on lap 4 someone got along side and ran me out of room on the exit, another trip across the grass and through a huge puddle had me dropping back to 14th again.

The results of the heats had me starting the first final in 12th again, as the rain was coming down harder and our intermediate tyres were getting a bit worn we fitted a new set of wet tyres. I had no grip at all in the race and was convinced I had a puncture, dad thought the same watching from the side and I dropped back finishing 20th. We found no puncture and can only assume we were running the wrong tyre pressures but we'd run the same earlier in the day in similar conditions, bit of an odd one. We'll run that set of tyres again elsewhere and see what happens.

The second final (yes starting 12th) was a little drier so we put the worn wets we use as intermediate tyres back on the kart and for the first 4 laps I had some pace again, I got involved in a scrap with last year's super1 series champion as he made his way back up from an earlier off, I'd managed to repass him in to the elbow and we went through the last turn side by side with me right on the edge of the track as i crossed the start finish line. Unbeknown to me his front wheels were about level with my rears as I turned in to the first turn, he didn't back out and we made contact spinning me in to the barriers. I tried to drive the kart back on to the circuit but it was too slippery so dragged it back to the track where it promptly took off at about 5mph on its own, the clutch was dragging, it crossed the track and I caught up with it on the infield where I tried to get in, misjudged it and fell out, by this time the field were well away so I caught up with it again and switched it off. So a retirement in the last race, hoping for a better weekend at Kimbolton.

We'd noticed the dragging clutch after the previous final and this may not have helped my pace through the slowest part of the track however the really quick turn around in the races meant we didn't have time to properly investigate it. My numerous assisted trips off the track have left the kart in a bit of a state, we'll have a go at cleaning it up before next weekend and should have the clutch sorted by then.

Thanks to Nanny and Grandad for Marley sitting, Andy Harris for the amalgamating tape and the Tyro karting people generally for the entertainment.

Needs a clean

All still standing in the gales