A good weekend.

I've finally gained enough weight to run the kart unrestricted, this means I now have performance at the same place as the others on track (if that makes sense), to do so though requires a lot of ballast on the kart, it's weighing in at around 95 kilos, this should make it easier for me to race with them.

Practice day went well apart from dad burning his fingers on the exhaust manifold which meant 30 minutes of running them under a cold tap and lots of complaining.

Race day started wet but not very wet which meant a tricky decision on set up and tyre pressures, in the three lap practice I was going well but managed to go off on the grass, which isn't really the idea, the three laps are really to make sure everything works and to give an idea of track conditions, well one bit was definitely slippery.

While cleaning the bits of grass and muck off dad found the seat base had cracked through over 100mm or so, with qualifying a few minutes away dad used half a roll of tank tape to patch it up and told me if it started feeling dodgy to bring it in.

It survived a greasy qualifying session and I qualified 13th in my group.

There were three heats of which we raced in two, this set up means everyone gets to race each other at least once when the grid is oversubscribed. In the first heat I got a fair start but someone spun and parked it on the apex of the first turn, with a kart on my left I couldn't miss him and my front right wheel clipped his rear on the way passed, this bent the steering arm and steering column but I managed to drag the kart round. It really liked turning in to right handers and really didn't want to go left, thankfully the slippery conditions meant I didn't scrub off too much speed and I was classified 12th. Heat two, dad had had time to change the gearing, replace the steering arm and fit the slick dry tyres, the bent steering column would have to stay for the rest of the day, it was only slightly bent and just stiffened the steering action up a bit. Starting 13th for heat 2 I brought the kart home in 10th.

The final I would start 15th, I got a good run in to the first corner gaining a few places, others weren't so lucky and a few collided, there was a fair sized gap behind me as a result and all was looking good until on the third lap a driver was pushed in to the tyre wall on the approach to turn one at about 65mph, this resulted in him and his kart going over the tyre wall, the race was quickly stopped and the driver was seen to walk to the ambulance car after a short while. At the restart the gap behind me was gone and I spent the remainder of the race gaining the odd place and losing a few, however by the end I was classified 12th out of 36 entrants, a good weekend.

Thanks to Maddie, Mark and George for looking after Marley, Alain Swain for offering a replacement seat (the tape held up) and ice packs for dads fingers, Michael Anthony Estate Agents for their support and Gillard Racing Karts and CGC karting for the chassis. Not sure where we'll be next but the MSUK championship is only a few weeks away now, should be interesting.