A new circuit

At the end of April I take part in the first round of the National Championships at PFI in Lincolnshire. My only experience of driving there is in the corporate hire karts so we entered a round of their winter series for a bit of experience in a proper 2 stroke race kart.

Saturday practice was spent learning the way round and shaking down the new chassis, only one bolt went missing on track so not too bad (it was the same one we lost on the original chassis when we shook that down funnily enough)

Qualifying on Saturday afternoon saw me 11th quickest out of the 16 runners, we were on old tyres along with about a third of the grid so there may have been a little more pace to be gained there.

Sunday Heat 1 had an entertaining start when someone spun in the middle of the pack in the fast left right before the bridge, on a full race lap we enter there just short of 70mph, I took to the grass on the inside to avoid them as three went off in avoidance. I finished that race in 9th.

Heat 2 I was running in 11th when in the last corner of the race the driver in front had a problem slowing unexpectedly and as I was following closely to get a run across the line I ran in to the back of him getting a 5 second nosecone penalty. As there was only 8 seconds covering first to last places in this heat I was demoted to last. Really pleased with the pace in this race though.

It rained 20 minutes before the final leaving us with a wet, but drying track and no knowledge of how the track behaved in these conditions left our set up a bit of a gamble. Starting 14th I finished 11th however and was fairly pleased with the pace though lap times were very up and down. It's important to hook some of the inside kerbs at this track in the wet, I missed a few and lost loads of time running wide on the exit of corners as a result. I had one good lap though showing I can get it right.

Thanks to Nanny and Grandad for Marley sitting and Michael Anthony Estate Agents for their sponsorship.

Kimbolton next weekend.