Kimbolton Round 5 & British Kart Championships Rissington

Just realised I missed a post last week to update on the Kimbolton Club championship. It wasn't a bad weekend for us with good heat results, making up places in each one, unfortunately in the final I had a problem with the carburettor leaving me with no bottom or top end power. OK in the middle though. I finished 15th

On the 18th and 19th May we were at Little Rissington in Gloucestershire for the next two rounds of the British kart Championships, I was desperate to make up for the lack of pace in the first 2 rounds at PFI. Practice went Ok with mixed dry and damp conditions, the track was dry for the all important qualifying. Once again, no power! I qualified pretty much last in my group and about half a second a lap of where I should be. Dad swapped to the spare engine for the first heat which I was to start 26th. It went well, I passed 7 karts on the opening lap and by the end I'd made my way up to 12th place, we'd found the problem, a slightly underperforming engine that needed looking at, in retrospect this may be the reason for my less than sparkling results over the last 3 months.

All was looking good for heat 2 another half decent result, in the top 20 would see me through to the finals without having a fight in the Repachage first. I got a good start and passed a few karts then got run a bit wide at the elbow losing a couple of places, 3 laps from the end I'd regained them when on the approach to the dog-leg the engine let out a shriek (that I heard at the same track 11 months ago) and died. Something had let go in the bottom of the engine, The fast engine, piston met cylinder head.

So I was to start 3rd in the repachage to try and finish in the top 6 to go through to the finals. With the down on power engine back on i set off. The kart chassis was excellent, I could carry so much more corner speed than others, they were in my way though so I couldn't make the most of it, the straight line speed wasn't there, and I dropped back to 6th where I was run off he track at the elbow by another driver who came from long way back to pass. rejoining in 11th I made my way back up to 9th by the end and gained another place when the driver that passed me had a dropped nose penalty and a driving standards penalty applied. We didn't get through and to be honest on that engine it would have been a bit painful if we had.

I'm pleased we've fond the problem but now have two expensive engine rebuilds to cope with (One more than the other admittedly). We're going to cut back on the club racing as a result and concentrate the big events for the rest of the year, we probably are only going to be able to do the Nat champs for this season anyway for financial and exam reasons.

Thanks to Nan and Grandad for coming to support me, Auntie Anita, Nick, Phoebe and Lucy for Marley sitting and to Kirsty Martin, Richard Raistrick, Kirsty Sims and Neil Cox for the sympathy, or in Neil's case mutual misery.

Thanks to Michael Anthony estate agents for their support and Gillard for a chassis that helped make up some of the engine's shortcomings.

Where piston meets cylinder head

Dog-leg, where the kart stopped. This smile was before that happened.