Rounds 5 & 6 British kart Championship Fulbeck

A hot weekend at Fulbeck, very dry and dusty but a great track. Practice had a few ups and down for us, never quite on the pace but two carb rebuilds later and come qualifying on Saturday afternoon we managed 9th in our group and 21st overall from 34 starters. 34 means no repachage either so guaranteed to get in to the two finals on Sunday afternoon.

Heat 1 on Sunday morning was a disaster, a misfire meant retirement on lap one, this seems to have been a faulty spark plug, a brand new faulty plug. Not good.

Heat two saw us on the spare engine (the misfire cause hadn't been found at this time so everything was swapped in the short space between heats as a precaution) and reserve carburettor, this carb wasn't quite as good as the other it turned out and I finished 17th. I'd be starting from the back of the grid in Final 1, 34th.

Final 1 was fun good speed and lots of overtaking, mostly in to the top hairpin as others defended in to the first chicane and compromised their speed on exit and I made my way up to 18th by the end. Happy with that. Final 2 we started 18th and I struggled a bit but lots of retirements and penalties for other drivers left me 16th at the end. Our best British Championship rounds so far.

Thanks to Nan and Grandad for Marley sitting, Gillard racing karts and Michael Anthony Estate Agents for their support.