ARDS test

Yesterday dad and I went to Mallory Park to undertake our ARDS tests, for those not in the know it's a written test of your knowledge of race flags and race day procedure followed by an on track assessment to make sure you're safe and have some ability to navigate a track at speed. The test was in Clio 192 which, given that I have a road 1.25 litre fiesta with its black box watching what I'm doing, was easily the fastest I've ever driven, I think, on a quick glance down was 100 to 110MPH approaching the first corner. Anyway, my first time on a track in a car and great fun. More importantly we both passed! Even better news, we were both presented with our novice crosses to put on the car thereby saving a couple of quid and as we'll be sharing a car (what could go wrong?) we can even put one up for sale to raise much needed funds. Next week I hope to share what we'll be driving, for those that don't know already.