BMW116i Trophy

It was always intended to move on from karts to cars at some point and I always thought we'd be going in to the MGCC MG Trophy series in an MGZR. However after a trip to a 750MC meeting (dad's idea) and a discussion along the lines of something a bit more modern with better parts availability and a more recent recognisable shape we've gone for the BWM116i trophy. 90 minute races with 2 compulsory pit stops and the opportunity to share a car with dad who having turned 50 recently decided he really needed to get the racing bug out of his system were the attractions (well maybe not sharing the car). We've bough the series press/publicity car, it appeared in Autosport magazine to promote the series and was driven by ex F1 driver Martin Donnelly so it's fairly well known. It needs a bit of work and is a bit overweight but should do us fine and will keep us busy this winter. The cars have few modifications from standard, the usual safety stuff, but in simple terms there's a series suspension kit you have to use and power is limited to 125BHP with a few modifications ECU "flash" and such things with the threat of rolling road power checks to prevent cheating. It's promoted as a budget series, as much as such things exist in motorsport anyway. We'll see how we get on. It's hoped to do some testing in November and a race at Donington the same month isn't out of the question either. The 1970's inspired livery (it's a Zackspeed Escort to dad apparently) is definitely staying though. We will stay as Jack Godden Racing though.