Snetterton and season end

Pic Jon Elsey

Pic Jon Elsey

The final race of the year was at Snetterton in Norfolk on the 300 circuit there. We arrived for Friday practice crew less but with the luxury and kit of Alan's race truck to sleep in. (Thanks RCS Racing). We spent Friday learning the track and getting the car settled, the practice day is a luxury for us as it's expensive (nearly £500) but with the new exhaust fitted and new M3 front suspension arms (giving us a little extra negative camber) it was necessary to check the car was right before the race day on Sunday.

We stayed at the track Saturday and watched the day's racing and I put out an appeal for help on race day. No need for mechanical knowledge but help with the belts and timing of the pit stops and hanging out the pit board would help us no end.

It turned out that some of our old karting rivals were coming to watch and offered to lend a hand thanks Matt Tibbetts, Theo Tibbetts, Steve and Rhys Porter for your help!

Qualifying went well but 25 minutes goes quickly, by the end Jack had qualified the car in 4th place. Our 90 minute race was to come.

Jack got away well and despite being knocked sideways on the opening lap managed to come round in 4th place still. He then settled down to gaining places and after a fairly long scrap had the car up to third. The first pitstop went well, we timed the stop so he came out on to a clear track Jack staying in the car and he settled down to steady fast lapping, holding his position. With 25 minutes to go he brought the car in for me to take over. I had three or four fairly ragged laps settling in to the car and unfortunately was passed and we dropped to 4th, once passed I managed to stay with the car in front and finished up lapping 3 seconds a lap faster than I had in qualifying. It was the last race of the day and I was able to race in to the sunset, having always been a fan of the Le Mans 24hr race this was special, as was sharing the car with my talented son all year. We finished 4th, a great result and the car was faultless all weekend. We'll be back in 2022 money permitting.

Thanks again to Matt, Theo, Steve and Rhys and also Alan for the truck. Special thanks to Jane and Callum for Marley sitting too.